Some will argue that in today's Google driven world web design is way over-hyped - its the words and content that really matter. At we believe that good design is just as important as the words - but only if it complements well written informative (and search engine friendly) text and content - and visa versa.

So if a well designed website is is doing its job, it makes a positive contribution o the site visitors overall perception of your company/organisation. The visitors experience can be enhanced in many ways — sometime overtly (if the site looks interesting and is professionally presented it gives an immediate positive impression - conversely a poorly designed and/or written websites gives a poor impression) but mostly you will find that good design contributes in a more subtle way. Every study on his subject clearly demonstrates that how you site visitor feels, and therefore whether they will engage or buy, is directly influenced by the design of a website, a package or a business card. And that is why engaging a professional to design and build your website is so important -  an amateur website, no matter how well intentioned, simply will not cut it in today's web orientated world.

Our professionally designed websites feature all the key ingredients necessary to deliver real results:

  • True customisation to meet your specific requirements.
  • Designs that are both Mobile friendly and 'Responsive' - allowing visitors to get the best possible experience on any and all devices they use to view your website.
  • Customisable color preferences - with infinite options.
  •  Image Carousels, Image Sliders, Interactive Maps to present your website is an attractive and interactive manner - included in the cost when we design your website.
  • Easily understood Menus with drop-down sub-levels. Menus convert into a button for easier navigation on mobile devices.
  • Full testing of your website design on IE8+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera. We also test your website on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Research: We take the time to properly research your business or service sector and do our homework to get a firm understanding of what is necessary in terms of design to ensure your website gets the best possible exposure. We listen to you to gain a thorough understanding of your specific requirements and from that we create a design that truly reflects your own character and business requirements. In short we learn, we act, we refine and we deliver.

Technology: Our highly trained team has a deep understanding of business and how to translate your specific business requirements in tangible deliverables using web technologies. Our design considers every possible facet that may affect the way you website is perceived (both by Google and by your site visitors).
Usability & Readability: We look at how the site is laid out, ease of use, how it presents on a mobile device and on a desktop, how the text is presented, how well it reads, whether Google can read it properly, what fonts to use, what colours, what images, SEO key words and phrases - in fact we have a checklist that  would make a NASA engineer proud! It may be counter intuitive, but we do all that because we believe in simplicity. We need a very focused team with real web expertise to ensure we avoid the unnecessary blurb and clutter you see on many websites - and focus on what you want to achieve and what your client will experience.
Launch & Fine-tune: The focus of all our work (both your work and ours) is the total website package that eventually gets launched on the World Wide Web. We stay with you throughout this critical phase, making sure we tweak and fine-tune the website as necessary even after it is launched. An honest web designer will tell you that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is in many ways a 'black art' -  that is, its not a definitive science hat allows us to follow the rules and get a defined outcome. You must know and follow the SEO rules to have any chance of success - but its know how to present an idea in words that not only your potential client understands but also enables a robot (a Google Bot - albeit an incredible sophisticated robot) to crawl, read and ultimately understand and make sense of that idea. While these two objectives are related it requires a level of nuanced balance that can't be taught and only comes with experience - and even then only some are really good at it. At we have that experience and ability. 

I can recommend for their professionalism, attention to detail, friendly approach and excellent value for money. They came up with a website design we liked, gave great assistance in writing the content and even sourced the right images for us.

Joe Duke, Duke Construction, Dublin


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