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Our featured website designs are Moore O'Gorman Joinery (left) and the Crime Victims Helpline (right)

<<Moore O'Gorman Joinery a a Dublin city based joinery service, offering many products to its clients. The challenge was to properly present the main product types in an intuitive and interesting way. We opted for a interactive presentation system that shoes a pop up description of the products when you hover over a product image. The client was delighted with this approach and has received very positive feedback from his clients on the website. 

For Crime Victims Helpline (>> the client wanted a practical 'information' or ('Brochure') style website with the emphasis on easy navigation for the user. We had the draft website tested by numerous users and based on their feedback we changed a number of links to meet their requirements. After launching the website we have received very positive feedback on the users experience on this website. is a Dublin based motor factor supplier. Prior to May 2012 they had no on-line presence and called to discuss the development of a website to promote their motor factor shop in Walkinstown, Dublin.

After discussing their requirements it was decided to build an on-line brochure style website to get a Search Engine presence in the first instance. An on-line shop will be the next step. Since the website's launch we have spent considerable effort on the SEO (search engine optimisation) elements to get good Google Rankings for the key words and phrases. Once this is achieved the E-commerce aspect of the website will be developed and launched. is a brochure style website showcasing some of Farrell & Sons projects.

It uses a large image slider on the front page and then thumb-nail images on the Projects page that allow the visitor to enlarge the photos.

The site also incorporates a simple 'Call Me Back' button which has proved quite effective.

This site has just been launched as we are in the process of monitoring its progress up the pages on Google

Brent Popes Outside In Art Gallery ( - is proud to announce that we have built - free of charge - the new website for Brent Pope's Outside In Art Gallery in Spencer Dock, Dublin.

This website showcases a stunning and eclectic art collection of Outsider Art from artists who have suffered adversity and exclusion in their lives.

Have a look at the quality art available for sale at excellent prices. is proud to be able to sponsor this worthy project. this website covers a number of therapies and GP services offered by the Littlejohn Clinic in Walkinstown.

The site uses a Front Page Showcase that uniquely allows text imposed on images to be read by Google, ensuring the text is indexed for Search Engine purposes.

This has resulted in excellent Google results and the Centre has enjoyed a huge increase in the number of referrals through the website.

Have a look at some of the other websites we've designed or upgraded, they are many and varied and all our clients will provide positive feedback on our service.

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